Claire Noble

Version 2

My research is in the field of de novo enzyme design, aiming to produce new proteins with oxidoreductase activity. I am primarily based in the Anderson group, which utilises a ‘maquette’ approach to enzyme design – combining simple helical bundles with redox active cofactors such as heme to engineer new activity. I am aiming to use computational biochemistry tools such as classic MD and Rosetta to design new proteins, which can then be expressed and biochemically characterised in the lab. I hope to use QM/MM calculations to further computationally characterise the enzymatic reactivity of these de novo proteins.

My current focus is on engineering catalytic activity into b-type heme containing maquettes, that have previously been developed and structurally characterised by the Anderson group. I hope to be able to unlock powerful cytochrome P450-like chemistry in these maquettes, by integrating both computational and experimental design methods.

I am a PhD student within the EPSRC and BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology.

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